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Request 100 access on Discord

Aug 20, 2023 Florian15093 link
Requesting the verified pilot and event notify roles
Discord ID: Florian1509
Pilot: Florian15093
Aug 20, 2023 Whistler link
Florian15093 Done
Sep 03, 2023 Ak'urabi link
Update: I saw there was a way to have the chat relay post as your in game name. I wish to have this occur with my account.

Discord: SamhainWolfblood#4169
VO name: Ak'urabi

I already have access, i was just wondering if I could update it to reflect my in game name when I post.
Sep 04, 2023 Luxen link
Sep 07, 2023 o7 (ostan-do solano) link
please allow o70150
i have account in game but cant always play and would like to still communicate with friends and help people out
pilot name Ostan-Do Solano
Sep 08, 2023 Whistler link
Sep 08, 2023 Fettucheesey link
Sep 10, 2023 Fettucheesey link
Discord Name/ID: Motor-Tarded / masochistpasta
Server Nickname: WICKA
Sep 10, 2023 Luxen link
Sep 11, 2023 Hathessi Messolen link
discord id : witch#8965
in-game name : Ishessa Koshol
Sep 12, 2023 Luxen link
You do not appear to be in the server as @witch. Did you leave the server or change your reference?
Sep 19, 2023 gmonahan link
Sep 21, 2023 Luxen link
Please try again with the necessary information, gmonahan
Sep 27, 2023 gmonahan link
Sep 27, 2023 Unicorn cowboy link
This where i request verified pilot? Unicorncowboy_ is discord, Unicorn cowboy is in game
Sep 27, 2023 Luxen link
Done and Done
Oct 19, 2023 White Glint link
I wanna peep in 100 sometimes
VO name: WhiteGlint
Discord name: baldvegetalol
Oct 20, 2023 Luxen link
WhiteGlint: Done
Oct 27, 2023 ABD2804 link
discord: Anik
vo name: ONiQ2002
Oct 28, 2023 Luxen link
ONiQ2002: Done