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Request 100 access on Discord

Jun 03, 2023 Luxen link
Spectra done!
Death Fluffy, we need a pilot name to tie to your account please.
Jun 04, 2023 tfrosh link
Jun 05, 2023 Whistler link
tfrosh: we need a pilot name to go with this.
Jun 08, 2023 raaizel link
Discord Name: Raaizel#1633
Character Name: RaaizeL
Jun 09, 2023 Whistler link
RaaizeL: have you joined the discord server? I can't locate you
Jun 09, 2023 raaizel link
Whistler: yes i am, im tagging you in general chat
Jun 09, 2023 Whistler link
Jun 12, 2023 Enmesharra link
Request verified pilot please
Discord enmesharra#0044
In game enmesharra
Jun 12, 2023 Whistler link
enmesharra: done
Jul 05, 2023 demnicat link
In-game -- demonicat
Jul 05, 2023 Luxen link
Jul 16, 2023 Death Fluffy link
Sorry, I misunderstood the format.

Captain Fluffy#1975

Ingame name: Captain Fluffy
Jul 17, 2023 Whistler link
Aug 09, 2023 link
Discord name: Guardian.
Discord ID: scout_io
Character: Kalis Praetor
Aug 09, 2023 Luxen link
Done! Welcome back to the discord.
Aug 09, 2023 link
Thanks, Luxen. Good to be back. (:
Aug 09, 2023 PanzerX link
Discord Name: PanzerX

Discord ID: PanzerX#9362

In-game Name: PanzerX
Aug 10, 2023 Luxen link
Aug 20, 2023 KaMi~Desu link
Discord name: KaMi~desu

Discord id : KaMi~desu#3128

In game name : KaMi~desu
Aug 20, 2023 Whistler link
Please go to the beginning of this thread and read the first post. One does not simply re-request the Verified Pilot role when they lose it. I have sent you a DM on Discord. Perhaps you will give us cause to reconsider.