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Finished Skins

Apr 09, 2006 Gavan link
Apr 09, 2006 mr_spuck link
redblood isn't finished. -.-
Apr 09, 2006 genka link
I don't think having three threads for the same thing is a terribly good idea. Two, I could live with, but three is just ridiculous.

Most forums suffer from having too many sections for the same thing as it is, so let's try and keep VO's boards free of that sort of clutter.
Apr 09, 2006 Galaxy613 link
While Duncan's clean_hud is good, I REALLY want Reno's hudtest, that is best, IMHO, so far. It is clean, yet original. Upload a ZIP of it as soon as possible Reno! :)
Apr 09, 2006 Gavan link
Once the wiki gets a place for finished Skins I'm fine with this thread being deleted.

But sorting through pages of the Skin Instructions thread seemed silly.
Apr 09, 2006 moldyman link
Yeah, I want to steal Reno's bars >.>

And Gavan's radar <.<

/me is just a graphic moocher
Apr 09, 2006 Gavan link
Hah, well.. I guess you could just do that. Once they're both released of course ;)
Apr 09, 2006 Suicidal Lemming link
I have made a skins page on VO Wiki here:

I haven't finished it yet, but I should be able to work on it again in an hour or so. You can also mark a skin as incomplete with {{skin wip}} instead of {{skin completed}}
Apr 09, 2006 stranger link
Erik, I'm already stealling stuff from the few skins we have up. If I ever post a skin I would have to include a long list of credits for the stuff that I stole.
Apr 09, 2006 mdaniel link
while my clean skin is good and very useable, it was mostly to figure out how it all works and how the files come together. I will be working on a second skin this week. :)

M. Duncan
Apr 09, 2006 Astaroth link
Dang, Reno's is awesome! Great Job peeps
Apr 10, 2006 Ion link
Thanks, Lemming. Now, to supply popular demand, we should find this Reno fella and ask him (nicely) if we can post his skin for download on the wiki.
Apr 10, 2006 Person link
That "Reno fella" is Louis. He's raptor man, no wonder he's got a great skin! :D
Apr 10, 2006 Gavan link
Done! (I feel like FM!)
Apr 10, 2006 Ion link
Yeah, I seem to recall Reno posting to another thread. Let us hope he takes a bigger and bigger interest in all things related to VO aesthetics. But I must say that ALL the skins so far have been very nice, even if I'm not certain my self-esteem and perceived manliness would survive more than a few minutes at a time in a flower HUD maud... :-D
Apr 10, 2006 Reno Targett link
Apr 10, 2006 Reno Targett link
for those who wanna try the skin for themselves

(sorry for using this thing, it was the first time I used a free file hosting thing...

just fyi, this is not official stuff, just something i did to myself, use at your own risk
Apr 10, 2006 Galaxy613 link
To save people from going through the horrors of free file systems *shudder* I've uploaded it to my server. :)
Apr 10, 2006 Ion link
Wonderful, Reno! Is it ok if I up it to the VO wiki? I'll mark it in progress, if you don't want it to represent your full skill ;-)
Apr 10, 2006 GRAIG link
You should stop to play with these UI and go back to your Ship modelling!!

Just kidding i've just downloaded your stuff thou :p very nice!