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New Addon/Ship Suggestion Thread

Aug 22, 2008 incarnate link
This thread is for posting links to other threads that suggest new addon or ship variations of the types currently available.

In other words, create a separate thread about the specific addon or ship variant, with specifics there (stats, etc). Then post a link to that thread, here, with maybe a short description.

Don't post commentary here, just the link to the other thread, where everyone can debate the merits of the idea to their heart's content. This thread will hopefully remain sane in length and mostly full of links to other threads.

Note that this is not for new TYPES of addons/ships that have properties other than the existing ones. This is only for ideas that fall within the current framework. IE, a "Stealth Addon" should not be posted here, that type of addon does not yet exist (that belongs more in the "Toys" thread). But a new "Gauss" variant, mining gun, or Atlas, would go here.

As we add new types of addons, you can begin linking them here, but not until they're actually in the public production game.
Aug 22, 2008 Aramarth link
Aeolus Light Behemoth

[Incarnate: Added, 1.8.33]
Aug 23, 2008 JJPro link
Aug 23, 2008 sfriedenberg link
Aug 23, 2008 iry link
Bombing Missiles (until we get torpedoes?)
Aug 23, 2008 mpescador link
Aug 23, 2008 Aramarth link
Aeolus maud, Revenant AC, SVB, IBW
Aug 23, 2008 Shadoen link
Gauss Cannon Mk3

[Incarnate: Added, 1.8.34]
Aug 23, 2008 Aramarth link
Railgun Interceptor and Interceptor MkII
Aug 23, 2008 ryan reign link
Aug 24, 2008 missioncreek2 link
Aug 24, 2008 spacewolf900 link
Aug 24, 2008 sfriedenberg link
Aug 24, 2008 Aramarth link
Aug 24, 2008 Aramarth link
Aug 26, 2008 KennRNK link
Orion Raptor Rev Z

The Raptor spaceframe, but using some of OHM's technology
Aug 27, 2008 igrok link
High-Efficiency Mining Beam

[Incarnate: Added, 1.8.36]
Aug 27, 2008 ryan reign link
Aug 29, 2008 FreedomBird link
Raptor MkII and MkIII Fighter and Cargo Smuggler Variants
Aug 29, 2008 KennRNK link
Corvus Raptor variant: Storm Raider

Yep. This thing's expensive. :)